Sunday, April 2, 2017

Link Roundup March 2017

The always wonderful Sarah Perry gives a taxonomy of memetic immunity hazards.

Dirdle uses some of the discussion around fake news to talk about the important idea of self-sealing memeplexes, i.e. memetic immunity as a truth insulator.

Grognor chronicles the history of the first of the Glass Bead Game players, otherwise known as Weird Sun Twitter.

The Archdruid continues his missives on the implications of Schopenhauer's work. How the expression of psychological maaldies are affected by mutual knowledge, how popular metaphors infect the theories of one's day, and what we're supposed to do on the object level.

Amanda decomposes signaling into several possible dimensions. I think this is good because signaling has been too much of a curiosity stopper in social analysis.

Graham Johnson says if you're going to try to escape to other places you might want to check that you aren't just bringing with you the things you're trying to escape from.

Devin Helton with a deep look into urban fracturing.

Katja Grace on people forgetting how to enforce payoff equilibria against defectors.

Venkat goes down the reactionary rabbit hole drawing interesting parallels between the current political climate and that that lead to the Treaty of Westphalia and the emergence of the modern order.

TheZvi on traveling to Mexico and experiencing the strange phenomenon of having everything *not* be constantly trying to get you.

The Sublemon creates a set of links for their posts organized into textual analysis, theory, and introspection.