Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Link Roundup February 2017

The Sublemon with a pair of excellent posts on second order teaching in Willy Wonka, teaching that which can not be taught via explicit methods. And a succinct take on the interplay between the artistic and scientific modes of perception. Most of the people I admire seem to straddle the line, including the sublemon.

 Grognor: Skill acquisition following second order game theoretic considerations.

 David Chapman: We know systems don't work. We are taught this in grade school at this point. Having the system of all things hammer this into us might be less than helpful. 

Related, Nostalgebraist: Three layers deep. Satirization of meaning making. Finding this meaningful ironically is the only (sufficiently un)dignified option.

 David Manheim: Organizational theory is still basically at the shaman rain dance stage.

 Sarah Perry: "The hidden side of the grocery store is that it is a zone of private fantasy and mental time travel."

Taylor Pearson: "The human tendency to run away at the slightest feeling of existential terror is no longer a feature that promotes survival. Instead, it has become a bug that brings on depression by driving humans from low difficulty environments towards even lower difficulty environments."

 The Archdruid on a roll this month with a trio of posts on the philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer and just how weird things can get when we take a hard look at thoughts written down around the time the box we live in was being built.

 Kate Donovan: Barriers are about protecting the marginal things you want in your community. People, experiences, the willingness to contribute (!).
Related, Katja Grace: Selective social policing is often needed to prevent skirting of the spirit of the rules.

 Hanson: New considerations are more important than updates to existing considerations. Also: neglected big problems.